The CFID Firmware version 8.00.000 now offers full (All Fields) DAT decoding capability.

Firmware “8” is a major release, the first of 2024 for SCG Canada Inc’s CFID. This release includes support for well over 84 different UAV devices from more than 6 commercial companies and a number of open source and Hobby models. It also includes general improvements including significantly faster processing and decoding of DJI logs.

The biggest news however is based on a request from our users over the years. Customers have asked to extract more than just the location data from the DJI logs. Examples are the motor current, wind-speeds, various IMU data points and more. Users can now even see ADSB data. We have not just included the standard list of fields from open-source tools but have re-designed our entire parser and built a system that will grow and identify new fields over time. We now have support for nearly 12,500 fields and this will continue to grow.

By using our custom tool users can select fields which are of interest to them. The list of fields or “shopping cart of fields” allows users to append those data fields into the normal CSV output. Users can always go back and re-process the original flight logs to add a whole new set of fields to the default list which will always be present in the reports.

This allows investigators to target the specific telemetry fields relevant to the case and required for their unique UAV forensic investigations.

Contact SCG Canada or one of our trusted partners for more details www.scgcanada.com.

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